BB guns and new network cabling

Ah tis the season for giving!

All we wanted this Christmas was a Red Ryder bb gun with a compass on the stock and this thing that tells time, but unfortunately our safety department wouldn’t allow it! Says that our workers compensation premiums would go up!

Remind us to “downsize” our safety department in 2020! :^)

Well if we can’t get our BB gun for Christmas, maybe you can get updated network cabling, at least in some key locations.

Modern cabling uses Category 5e cable (aka Cat 5e) which is superior to most cable that was installed over the last few decades.

It has the following advantages, even over Cat 5 –

(1) less “crosstalk” than Cat 5, as Cat 5e reduces the noise that can come from the other wire pairs within the cable itself

(2) Cat 5e has a theoretical top speed of 1,000 Mbps versus just 100 Mbps for Cat 5

(3) We use “plenum rated” Cat 5e cable for our installations, which tends to hold up very well and perform just fine, even if kinked and abused over time.

We can even put in Category 6, if you have high performance needs, and you expect your speed demands to increase in the future.

Category 6 has been designed to go above the 1000 Mbps theoretical top speed of Cat 5e.

There you have it!

We do a great deal of network cable pulling, which isn’t the most glamorous work in the world, but it’s what our customers need.

If you need network cabling services, go here.

Teletech Services provides facilities management services, business phone systems, low voltage cabling services, and category 5e network cabling installation for southwest Montana, including network cabling in the towns and cities of Butte, Anaconda, Whitehall, Dillon, Deer Lodge, Ramsay, Rocker, Montana City, Belgrade, Helena, and Bozeman, and more (just call).